Fri 15.2.2019

Fri 15.2 BayanTonic Childrens concert

Snellman Hall 9 a.m.
Vingenkatu 18

For swedish speaking primary schools in Kokkola

Lars Karlsson                     accordion
Öivind Farmen                   accordion/bajan

The Swedish one-row accordion virtuoso Lars Karlsson was chosen ”Accordionist of the Year” in Sweden and as a soloist won the Nordic Championship. Øivind Farmen from Trondheim is an accordion master who performs Norwegian folk music as well as music from the present era. He is considered one of Norway’s best accordionists.

Bayan Tonic combines lyrics with folk, tango, world music and classical styles. This duo has toured the world, performing in, among others, the USA, Austria, England and Iceland, and has earned acclaim with its unique mix of two different accordions, which together produce a rarely experienced sound.

In 2011 the duo performed for a live DVD and in 2014 released a single.

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Fri. 15.2 Tones for Seniors

10 a.m. Kokkola, Kuusikummun palvelutalo, Kuusitie 20
12 p.m. Kokkola, Tervakartano, Tehtaankatu 27
1.15 p.m. Kokkola, Honkaharjun palvelutalo, Sairaalankatu 2 C
2.45 p.m. Kruunupyy, Sandbacka vårdcenter, Såkavägen 25








Seppo Lankinen plays and sings at senior living facilities. Expect waltzes, tangos, schlager and other favorites, as well as a few anecdotes. Mr. Lankinen is currently the Drake Arts Center’s resident artist.

Free admission

Fri. 15.2 Sauna Time

Rosso Corner 6-9 p.m.
Isokatu 4

 Sauna, music, karaoke and fresh water in the hot tub – yes, this is the scene at this downtown Kokkola event, where we warmly welcome you to enjoy a sauna. Guests are welcome to enjoy two wooden saunas and a basin, all at Rosso’s corner. Separate tent dressing rooms will be available for both men and women. As dusk falls over Kokkola, the city lights will start to shine and the sauna’s roar will be heard on the city streets. Come and join us!

Teemu Haapaniemi and Seppo Lankinen sing and play and make sure that the sauna is warm.

Free admission

Fri. 15.2 Right in Time

Central Ostrobothnia Censervatory of Music 7 p.m.
Pitkänsillankatu 16


Central Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Tomas Djupsjöbacka
Soloist Petteri Waris accordion

A Central Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra performance never fails to captivate the public. This concert features the acclaimed conductor Tomas Djupsjöbacka, who is also a highly revered and successful cellist and chamber music composer. The concert promises a lineup of classics by Richard Strauss and Johannes Brahms. The evening’s performance is arranged by one of the most interesting young composers, Veli Kujala. Petteri Waris will perform as soloist.

– Strauss, Brahms, Kujala (first performance) –

Tickets 23 €/ 18 €/ 10 €

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Fri. 15.2 Winter Accordion Rautawaara Club

Hotel Seurahuone Nightclub 10 p.m.
Torikatu 24

Lammassaari/Janka-Murros featuring Riitta Kossi and Julia Hansson: Murhia täysin palkein! (Murder Was Everywhere!)


Keke Lammassaari and Antti Janka-Murros are fixtures in the music scene whose black-clad duo performs a repertoire that revolves around ballads both old and new but always of a darker nature. The duo offers, among others, murder ballads and traditional graveside songs. Some are new, while others are newly arranged or translated. The result is a simple yet powerful musical experience that is, perhaps, not recommended for the highly sensitive – even if some happier stories will be told. Riitta Kossi and Julia Hansson will complete the evening’s performance.

Riitta Kossi has played accordion in, among others, Värttinä, in the 90s, which resulted in the group’s platinum and Emma awards for the recording Oi Dai. In the years that followed, she played with Trio, together with pianist Timo Ala-Kotila and vocalist Sirkka Haavisto. Kossi has toured extensively at home and abroad and has devoted time to researching, among others, Viola Turpeinen. She graduated from the folk music department of The Sibelius Academy in 1994 and currently serves as a lecturer in folk music at Centria University.

Julia Hansson graduated as a musician from Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory with a concentration in classical accordion. Since 2013, she has studied to become a music and classroom teacher at University of Jyväskylä, as well as a conductor at Jamk in Jyväskylä. In 2017 she became a qualified conductor. Hansson has a long career behind her as a musician who has participated in countless projects in classical, jazz and rock. Last year she was an exchange student at Gdansk Music Academy. She presently continues her studies in accordion at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, JAMK.

The poet and award-winning composer Keke Lammasaari’s music has found itself nominated for Emmas, the Finnish street-music championships and has been played on various radio stations. Tracks from her first CD, “Meidän Metsä ja Maja Kasvaa Tiiliseinää” is regularly played on Järviradio and Radio Pooki. ”Metsälampi,” her recording with the Ostrobothnian Folk Orchestra, was nominated for an Emma. Lammassaari has studied music-teaching at Centria University with a concentration in song.

Multi-instrumentalist and musician Annti Janka-Murros can play nearly 30 instruments but, with him, percussion instruments take center stage. His trio “The Worn Soles” released its debut album “Like a Good Wine” in the summer of 2017. He was named young player of the year and his musical arrangements for the “Pelimanni 8bit” game earned him an “Vuoden Ilmiö” nomination at The Etnogala. Janka-Murros received a degree in music teaching from Centria University and has since continued his studies. Nowadays he teaches and leads musical playing groups. He is also one of the producers at the Siilifolk Festival.

This acclaimed duo consists of Lars Karlsson from Sweden on accordion and Øivind Farmen from Norway on accordion/bayan. The Bayan Tonic repertoire ranges from Tango to folk and classical to world music. Bayan Tonic has toured in several countries, including the United States, Austria, England and Iceland, earning critical acclaim at every stop for its unique instrument mix of two different accordion instruments that are seldom heard together. In 2011 the duo performed in a live DVD and in 2014 released a single.

Lars Karlsson has for 25 years ranked among the best Nordic accordionists and has won, among other awards, the Nordic Championship as a soloist in 1993. He’s also judged numerous competitions and in 2001 was voted Sweden’s Accordionist of the Year. Karlsson has earned particular acclaim for weaving established musical styles into new compositions – in 2001 he was awarded the prestigious SKAP scholarship. Lars has toured the world, both as a soloist and with his band and others. In 2004 he was commissioned to write music to “Mass for accordion, church choir, string quartet and percussion,” which was performed in Fjärås Church.

The Lars Karlsson Band is currently recording a new CD.

Øivind Farmen began his international career as a concert soloist in 1993 in the Ukraine. That same year, he won the prestigious accordion competition in Klingenthal in Germany. He’s since gained notoriety as one of Norway’s accordion masters, and through the years has performed both there and extensively throughout Sweden, both as a soloist and together with Jörgen Sundeqvist and Lars Karlsson as well as, more recently, with his folk group Flukt! In 1996 he won the world championship in Faro, Portugal. In addition to concert performances, he works at the music conservatory in Trondheim and is engaged in various theater productions and studio projects, among them school tours for the Norwegian “Rikskonsertene.”

Tickets 5 €


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