Sun. 19.2.2012

Sun 19.2.2012 “Gioacchino Rossini: Petite Messe Solennelle”

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Photos: Anne Yrjänä

Sun 19.2. Kokkola church 19.00

Mari Sillanpää: soprano
Maiju Vaahtoluoto:alto
Olavi Suominen:tenor
Hannu Ilmolahti:bass
Sari Viinikainen:accordion
Ulla Roiko-Jokela:piano
Viljava-choir, choir leader: Kari Pappinen, trainer Maria Kesäniemi

Gioacchino Rossini composed “Petite Masse Solennelle” in 1863. Although the title mysteriously combines little and solemn, in question is a full-blooded , magnificent execution, that lasts almost one and a half hours. The title might refer especially to the composition, which according to the composer could only consist of a harmonium, piano, a choir of eight and four soloists. In the Kokkola version the harmonium is replaced with the accordion and in a major role is the flexible Viljava choir making its classical music debut on this festival. Rossini’s charming Mass opens the Kokkola Winter Accordion festival this year with elegant solemnity.

Concert tickets:
Lions club Kokkola/Kokko
Info: +35850 3398925, +358500 660349
Adults 20€
Children, students 10€
Children 0-12 yrs free