Fri 17.2.2017

Fri. 17.2. Tones for Seniors

10.00 Emeliehemmet, Sairaalakatu 11
13.00 Pettersborg, Kansakoulukatu 17











Julia Hansson is singing and playing accordion.

Free admission.

Fri. 17.2. Songs for Seniors

10.00 Kokkola, Kuusikummun palvelutalo, Kuusitie 20
12.00 Kokkola, Tervakartano,
Tehtaankatu 27
13.15 Kokkola, Honkaharjun palvelutalo,
Sairaalankatu 2C
CANCELED: 14.45 Sandbacka vårdcenter, Kronoby

Seppo Lankinen plays and sings in elderly homes. Expect waltzes, tangos, schlager and many favorite songs, along with a few anecdotes.

Free admission.


Fri. 17.2. Lunchmusic

Kokkola City Hall at 11.00
Salutorget 5

Students perform music during lunchtime.

Free admission.

Fri. 17.2. “Accordion and the independent Finland”

Minna Sirnö

Minna Sirnö


Pictures from the seminar


Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory (Little Hall) 15.00-18.00
Pitkänsillankatu 16

Accordion has had a special place in the Finnish soul ever since we gained independence. It has served as a form of self-expression for Finnish emigrants and Mannerheim used it during wartime to unite the people – and its diversity of sound is unique to our land. It is our national instrument and over the years has remained an important and meaningful instrument even in classical and artistic music circles. And of course it has also played an important role in the dance orchestra.

What has 100 years in Finland meant for the accordion? And what has the accordion meant for Finland? Is the accordion part of our cultural identity in the same way as Lönnrot, Snellman, Sibeliu and Väinö? Or is it meaningless, something that solely gets in the way of ”higher” music?

Presenters will include composer Kalevi Aho, M.Sc. Marko Tikka, professor Matti Rantanen and Minna Sirnö, director of the center for the promotion of the arts.

All are welcome to come, question and comment!

Seminar leader is master of music Kimmo Mattila.

Free admission.




Fri. 17.2. Through the Times

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory at 19.00
Pitkäsillankatu 16

Central Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Juha Kangas
Soloist Saila Korhonen, accordion




















The Central Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra’s intensive interpretations have over and over again captured the heart of the public as well as that of musicians. A strong performance dynamic coupled with a musical camaraderie that brings joy to the listener yet also gives rise to personal reflection – whether the venue is a concert hall, a nursing home or a local festival.

The concert program will offer the works of Finnish composers, among them a debut performance of Kalevi Aho’s “Concert for Accordion” with Saila Korhonen as soloist. The concert is a tribute to the Finnish musician.

– Aho, Klami, Johansson, Rydman –

Tickets 25€/20€/10€

Fri. 17.2. Rautawaara Club

Seurahuone, Corner’s Pub 22.00
Torikatu 4









A pub concert that crosses borders, from folk music to rhythm music via classical. On the stage, professional musicals will unit with students from Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory and Centria university.

Harri Kuusijärvi and Koutus blow new life in to accordion music. The group gets its inspiration from Nordic sources and performs instrumental music that moves among the borders of experimental, jazz and rock. The group’s debut album from 2014 met wide international acclaim and received five-star reviews from critics within the world of jazz, rock and world music.

Harri Kuusijärvi, accordion
Veikki Virkajärvi, electric guitar
Mikael Myrskog, synthesizer
Jesse Ojajärvi, drums

Accordion Rave
Seurahuone’s Corner’s Pub will transform in to a dance club with help of the accordion. Dance shoes, neon colors, blacked-out windows and light shows will get the party started. Will feature Tapio Miettinen, among others.

With double-rowed accordion as his lead instrument, Tapio Miettinen has found his own style and his own way to master the instrument. Through his playing we hear both beauty but also shamanistic influences, and everything in between. Out of his little box comes a diverse world of sound that includes credible dance music.

Tickets 5 €

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