Programme 2016

Music at Halpa-Halli

Thurs. 18.2.2016 at 16.00 Pietarsaari

Live music while you shop.

Free admission.

An Unbreakable Yarn!

Thurs. 18.2.2016 at 19.00 Schaumansalen, Pietarsaari
Köpmansgatan 10



Bengan Janson & Janne Åström Show

JanneBegan_photoFredrikJanssonMake room on the stage for one unusually strong voice and an accordion virtuoso! Janne Åström and Bengan Janson offer up rock, pop and ballads from now and yesterday. They interpret, among others, Bellman, Taube, Vreeswijk and Edwall with both seriousness and humor. Both Janne and Bengan have loved meeting and working with other artists – and they have a long and impressive list of collaborations. When they join forces and combine experiences, the public gets a real treat.

Janne Åström is a rocker from Falun who nowadays is a musical Jack-of-all-trades. He brings to the stage a stretch with the Stockholm musical scene, including nine years with R.E.A på Hamburger Börs. Janne has toured in and outside the country as a solo artist, both with his own bands and that of Robert Wells Rhapsody in Rock. Currently, he can’t decide his favorite from among the national poets Bellman, Taube and Cornelis. So, he goes for a musical melding.

Accordion virtuoso and fiddler Bengan Janson has mastered multiple types of music and taken part in various musical scenarios. He started playing the accordion at the age of 8. In 1995, he was recognized by Sweden’s accordion national association as “Best Accordionist.” He was a long-time member of Östen med Resten, and has collaborated for many years with the legendary musician Bjorn Ståbi and together with the Donald Moreau duo Kalle & Bengan.


Tickets 25€

Thursday Jazz

Thurs. 18.2.2016 at 21.00 O’Learys Pub, Pietarsaari
Ahlholmsgatan 2

Viivi-Maria Saarenkylä & Jakob Combo (Zacharias Holmkvist and Anton Söderbacka)



Viivi Maria Saarenkylä (f. 1993) is a young award-winning accordion artist. She got her first accordion as a 6-year-old and became known 10 years later when she won The Golden Accordion competition in 2010. The following year, she began her studies in variété music in Italy under the leadership of the internationally renowned jazz accordion artist Renzo Rugger. Currently, she is studying at the Pop & Jazz conservatory in Helsinki. In recent years, she has competed in accordion competitions around the world. Among her recent achievements is a victory in the accordion world’s most prestigious contest, PIF Castelfidardo. She has also performed solo and in groups at home and throughout Europe and even in Japan and Ethiopia. Viivi Maria Saarenkylä’s first solo album Carnevale was released in spring 2015.

Tickets 12 €/ 6€

Lunch Music

Wed 17.2.2016 at 11.00 Prisma Kokkola

Student musicians create atmosphere at lunch.

Free admission

Trio Fratres

Wed 17.2.2016 at 19.00 Conservatory
Pitkänsillankatu 16

toni hämäläinenThis legendary trio returns to the concert stage. Raimo Vertainen, Heikki Jokiaho och Toni Hämäläinen perform as the virtuous accordion trio that delights and surprises the minute the music rings out.

The good rumors are true: a victory at an Italian competition; performances at renowned festivals and concerts in 16 different countries, where they even had premiering works composed especially for them.

In addition to their musical skill, Fratres has also attracted audiences through its broad and diverse repertoire. The musicians’ mastery includes that of traditional classical music greats, Russian virtuosos, local and modern composers as well as interpretations of the music of Sting and Kraftwerk.

You can hear this and more during Kokkola Winter Accordion.


Tickets 20 €/ 10 €

Kulmalla loves Winter Accordion

Wed. 17.2.2016 at 21.30 Corner’s Pub, Hotel Seurahuone
Torikatu 24


Pictures from the concert:


Kokkolan vähäriviset
Riitta Kossi




Riitta Kossi: ”We have no home; we are just guests. Fate moves us in strange ways, but never home.”

Riitta Kossi was born in Himango. Her musical journey as a member of Värttinä has taken her from the plains of Central Ostrobothnia, throughout Europe and to the United States. Värttinä can name among its accolades the 1992 Emma Prize.

A life of being on the road has led Kossi to explore American-Finnish emigrant stories and music originating in the 1920s. Her soulful crooning captures the yearning and melancholy in a waltz – yet easily can master the heartiness of a sleigh-song and the joy of a polka, to which she brings her own touch.

The evening will continue after the show to the tune of folk music. Expect lots of jamming among music students from Centria and the city conservatory, including among them some who have toured the world. The stage is open to all!

Free admission.


Orffit Children’s Concert

Tue 16.2. Kälviä recreational center, kl 9.30
Marttilankatu 4

Tue 16.2. Lohtajan Maininki, kl 12.00
Karhintie 5

Wed 17.2. Hollihaan School Sports Hall kl 9.00
Pikiruukintie 4












The Orffit Children’s Concert is mild but wild. You get to hear three special daddies: Kimmo, Matti and Hannu. Orrffit is on the television – and they are now at Kokkola Winter Accordion. They have accordions, guitars, saxophones and strange drums. (They play better than the look in photos, by the way.)


The school concerts are sold out

Fat Tuesday

th13__Page_10Tue 12.2.2016 at 17.00-19.00 Roskaruka

Sledding and skiing to the sound of music.
Grilled sausages for sale.

Free Admission




Our Man in Hiisi

Tues. 16.2.2016 at 19.00 City Theater
Torikatu 48

Jarkko Lahti lyrics
Antti Paalanen accordion









Hiisi is the Finnish Baltic Sea people’s sacred spot, a place of ritual and sacrifice. Our Man in Hiisi finds acting and music merged in a shared dream of an ancient feast. Like life itself, it is the fabric of love, hope and fear embroidered with memories – real but a legend. Lyrics by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Ari-Pekka Lahti, Henrik Ibsen, as well as those from our fore-fathers and -mothers in poetic form.

The project has been funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


Tickets 22 €/ 12 €

Young virtuosos let loose

Mon 15.2. 2016 at 18.00 Conservatory
Pitkänsillankatu 16


Ostrobothnia’s young students showcase their talent and the power of music – together and separately, solo and with others.

The performance will feature special guests from Alajärvi.

Free admission


Valentine’s Day Dance

Pictures from the dance


Sun. 14.2.2016 at 14.00-18.00 Työväentalo
Pormestarinkatu 28








Jiri Tammilehto & Esperanza

Esperanza! Dance-lovers are guaranteed authentic dance music that is alive with feeling.

Tickets 13 €

Kokkola in Wintertime

Su 14.2.2016 kl. 17.00 Mannerheim Square









In wintertime life was once a simple and still affair. Houses were lined with snow drifts. The streets were brightened with snow. Lanterns flickered on porches.

Kokkola tourist guides will share stories and legends about life in old-time Neristan. Skipper’s glögg and Hilja’s gingerbread will be served.


Free admission.

For Friendship’s Sake

Sun 14.2.2016 at 19.00 Snellman Hall
Vingenkatu 18

Picture from the concert:

Picture from the concert:

kpuotX6C75YmoyefAZeIPog1ExO0Y1nqN1rf_obifMs I.S.K.U.2

Songs about friendship for friends, with friends. Come and enjoy the evening among friends new or old. Bring friends or meet new ones! Acclaimed singer Hannu Ilmolahti will take us on a journey of song. Acapella group I.S.K.U will thrill us with its musical powers. A trio to accompany the evening’s performance.

Tickets 15 €

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