Sun. 15.2.2015

Sun 15.2 Sunday Coffee Concert


Snellman Hall 15.00

Tiernapojat Conductor Kari PappinenTiernat

Consert pictures

K-30 Orchestra Conductor Raimo Vertainen

Coffee host Aku-Petteri Pahkamäki

Coffee Concert

The lively and spirited K30 orchestra is turning 6.7 years-old.

How many orchestras can say there is a 50-year age span between its youngest and oldest member? K30 can, and for this reason it is an established phenomenom in Ostrobothnia. K30 plays music in its own style to raise the spirits of all – even its own musicians. Think of it as a musical amusement park for people of all ages.

We’re also throwing into the mix Kokkolan Tiernapojat, masters of masculine orchestral movements that range from traveller’s songs to Juice Leskinen. A little over a double-quartet in size, tiernapojat offers a musical experience that is exuberant yet sharp. Now it takes the stage yet again to conquer new territory.

Aku, our coffee host, will tell stories and even sing. In addition to leading the DSC_0276concert, he is sure to draw the public – and the performers, too – into his fantasy world.

Tickets 15 € / 10 €

Tickets also  LC Kokkola/Kokko, 040 5554310 (Kalevi Lempola), 0400 269990 (Erkki Koittola), 050 5622845 (Tuomo Jaakola).





The Coffee Concert is part of the Central Ostrobothnia Regional Council anniversary





K-P logo rajattuna


Sun 15.2. Russian Splendor ESSe Quintet


Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory 19.00

Pitkänsillankatu 16



Kirill Evseev balalaika

Dmitrii Gogolev domra

Chernyh Daria bass balalaika

Ksenia Kvochko accordion

Mikhail Krylov accordion


A glamorous quintet from St. Petersburg, Russia. The Esse Quintet musical experience finds the Russian-Slavic musical tradition expressed with extreme technical virtuoisity to produce a harmonious whole.

The quintet’s founding members met and studied music at St. Petersburg State University and the Rimski-Korsakov Conservatory. The Esse Quintet has since won numerous international competitions, including Klingenthal (Germany) in 2011 and the Coupe Mondial (Spoleto, Italy) 2012 orchestra series, and its international performances have been met with great applause. The Esse sound includes suverent, the Russian genre, but also classical music and pop.

The Kokkola concert will feature Russian melodies but also special arrangements of Michael Jackson and Antionio Vivaldi.

Tickets 15 € / 10 €

ESSe release in Russian

Российская молодежь


Sun 15.2. Accordion Indoor Orienteering

Länsipuiston koulu 9.00-10.00
Torikatu 41

Come and enjoy the festival’s spirited and sporty opening! Orienteers from every direction will descend on the school to navigate a course boasting four levels. Music will complete the scene!

Arr. Kokkolan Suunnistajat ry

Starting fee 4 €
Free for those under 18

Sun 15.2. Kokkola Wintertime

Mannerheim Square 17.00

What was life like during winter in the Kokkola of yesterday? Did it get cold inside and did snow get in the house?

Kokkola tourist guides invite you on a history-filled tour of the town. You will hear stories about wintertime life in Kokkola long ago. After the tour enjoy some of Skipper’s glögg and Hilja’s gingerbread.

Free admission

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