Programme 2014

Sun 23.2. Sunday’s Grand Dance

Snellman Hall 17-22

Vingenkatu/Vingesgatan 18

Photos (Anne Yrjänä)


Maarit Peltoniemi and her orchestra
Antti Kotka guitar
Janne Jylhä bass
Jari Tuovila Accordion and keyboard
Jussi Kotka drums
Erkki Anttila Violin, acoustic guitar & percussion

Maarit has been a finalist at the Tangomarkkinat. She has been a full-time musician since. Her debut album Haaveiden Laiva, came out in 1998. Maarit also has had several radio hits, such as Haaveiden Laiva, Myrskyn Maa, Heikkaan Piirretyt Sydämet, Vain Ajanhiekkaa, Onnen Maa. In their public performances, Maarit and her orchestra are known for a skillful presentation and an eclectic repertoire.


Admission13 € / KP-Card -3€


Sat 22.2. ”The Big Entertainment Concert”

Snellman Hall 15.00 and 19.00

Vingenkatu/Vingesgatan 18

Concert photos (Anne Yrjänä)

Guardia Neuva


Conductor and master of ceremonies Raimo Vertainen
Soloists: Mari Palo, Mika Pohjonenand Jonna Pirttijoki

D 0029  mika_pohjonen2
Guardia Nueva is a musical cornucopia – a large pops and tango orchestra bursting with thunderous power yet rife with artistic sensitivity; a group of captivating, talented young musicians under the direction of their spirited conductor, Raimo Vertainen.

The story, which began in 2001, is still in full swing, yet the repertoire has grown – from Argentinean tango to Finnish popular music, electronic tango, church and Christmas music. Behind it all is the same force: the diverse, delicate, powerful diamond of an orchestra, Guardia Nueva. This is an orchestra that cannot only be heard. It must be experienced.

Admission 28 € / With S-Card 25 €

Mika PohjonenS-EtuVisacmykKPO

La 22.2. Kallentori laulaa, tanssii ja soi

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La 22.2. Harmonikkanäyttely

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La 22.2 Rosson talvikaraoke

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Sat 22.2. Kokkola Wintertime

Mannerheim Square 17.00

What was life like during winter in the Kokkola of yesterday? Did it get cold inside and did snow get in the house?

Kokkola tourist guides invite you on a history-filled tour of the town. You will hear stories about wintertime life in Kokkola long ago. After the tour enjoy some of Skipper’s glögg and Hilja’s gingerbread.

Free admission

Sat 22.2. Lada Nuevo

Calle Night Club 23.00

Kauppatori/Salutorget 4

Photos (Anne Yrjänä)

Photos (Anne Yrjänä)  Password  Wp2W5VMn


Lada Nuevo is a Soviet train that travels to the beat of Slavic music. But on this train, the public gets to choose the music it wants to dance to. A fur-hatted orchestra of 10 keeps the dancefloor hot while the public take a musical trainride through the Siberian outback to the sounds of eastern tunes.

Admission 8 €/with S-Card 6 €S-EtuVisacmykKPO

Fr 21.2. Motion Trio

Motion trio

The trio’s only concert in Finland

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory 19.00
Pitkänsillankatu / Långbrogatan 16

Photos (Anne Yrjänä)


Janusz Wojtarowicz accordion
Pawel Baranek accordion
Marcin Galazyn accordion

Motion trio is an accordion experience in which musical expression and technical virtuosity come together seamlessly to create a sound like no other. The Polish trio’s radiant and captivating performances have made strong and diverse impressions throughout the music world.

The trio has performed in 36 different countries and in the most highly-regarded musical arenas, including New York City’s Carnegie Hall, The Barbican in London and the Wiener Konzerthaus. The trio has shared the stage with, among others, Bobby McFerrin, Michael Nyman and Krzysztof Penderecki. Motion trio has been awarded the German Schallplatten Critic’s Prize. The trio’s only concert in Finland will take place in Kokkola.

Admission 20/10 €

Motion Trio


Fr 21.2. Hehkumo & Pauli Hanhiniemi

Central Ostrobothnian Conservatory 21.00

Pitkänsillankatu / Långbrogatan 16
Photos (Anne Yrjänä)


Pauli Hanhiniemi voice, guitar
Anne-Mari Kivimäki 5-row accordion, Notka accordion, organ, tambourine, voice
Antti Paalanen 1- och 3- row accordion, Notka accordion-organ
Juppo Paavola percussion
Ville Rauhala double bass, voice
Mika Virkkala mandolin, octave mandolin, violin, altviolin
Samuli Volanto sound engineering

Hehkumo combines into a solid unit domestic folk music with elements from popular music. The result is intense, modern music. This combination of old and new creats an inspiring and enchanting atmosphere in which to create. Under such circumstances an original approach to music-making takes root. The orchestra has released three studio albums, the Anna-Liisa musical soundtrack, Gaps in the Story and Memories of the Future.

Pauli Hanhiniemi is best known from the Kolmas Nainen and Pauli Haniniemen orchestras; Perunateatteri and Hehkumo. Besides these, he appears with the bassist Ville Rauhala in the composition Hanhiniemi-Rauhala MAD. He has shown ability as a lyrisist, composer and producer within the film and television world. He received the Juha Vainio Prize in 2000 for his work as a Finnish lyrics composer. Hanhiniemi was chosen for the prize because of his lengthy career and his status as one of Suomi-rock’s cornerstones.

Admission 20 / 10 €

Pe 21.2. Säveliä senioreille

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Fr 21.2. Rautawaara Club

Corner’s Pub 23.00

Torikatu/Torggatan 24
Photos (Anne Yrjänä)

A pub concert without limits, with everything from folk music via rhythm music to classical. On the stage appears music professors and students from the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory and Centria college. Get out and enjoy it. A message to the audience: you’re not getting any younger.

Admision 5 €

Thu 20.2. Vestersundsby spelmän


Du&Vi_131030-1_0148_litenJakobstad Photos

Schauman Hall, Pietarsaari 19.00

Campus Allegro

Record release concert:

Vestersundsby spelmän
Kastar loss

Vestersundsby spelmän from Jakobstad will present music from their first album. The players, under the direction of Mia Willnäs, invite you to enjoy an entertaining repertoire seasoned with arrangements for fiddle, accordion, guitar, bass, mandolin and shamanic drum. The diverse range of this remarkable team stretches from beautiful ballads to spicy tango; from newly arranged sounds of the Swedo-Finnish folk music tradition to sailor’s songs of the shipbuilders of 1800s maritime Jakobstad. Also expect Schauman’s Hall to be filled with music from around the world as well as compositions from the team’s own members. We welcome you to experience this enjoyable musical voyage!

Free admission

 skutan och blomman

Thu 20.2. Hot Club de Finlande featuring Mika Huusari

Hot Club de Finlande featuring Mika Huusari
Thursday Jazz, Pub O’Learys

Pietarsaari/Jakobstad 21.00
Alholmankatu/Alholmsgatan 2hot_club_de_finlande2

Tonight we go back in time to 1930s Paris, when jazz came to Europe and American swing merged with the French musette tradition as well as the sounds of the European Roma people. Back then, you could hear the sounds of Gus Viseur’s accordion and Django Reinhardt’s guitar in the cafes of Montmartre.

– American swing, stylish French sounds and lively ethnic sounds. Jazz in the city!

Mika Huusari accordion
Ari-Jukka Luomaranta guitar
Kimmo Iltanen guitar
Ari Tarvainen upright base

Hot Club de Finlande:
Hot Club de Finlande has been performing for 10 years in its current lineup and has played throughout Finland and internationally with, among others, Andreas Öberg, Robin Nolan, Ritary Gaguenetti, Mosez Rosenberg, Paulus Schäfer, Joscho Stephan, Olli Soikkeli and many others.
Huusari and Iltanen have many musical irons in the fire. Huusari was chosen as best in his genre by the magazine Jazzrymti and in many polls. Together with the ethno-musician Iltanen he plays with, among others, the group Jazz Partout.

Admission 7/5 €


Jazzoo Jazz Club

Hot Club de Finlande

To 20.2. Säveliä senioreille

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Wed 19.2. A close-up of the charming Ismo Kallio

We’ve come this far –
A close-up of the charming Ismo Kallio

Kokkola City Theatre 19.00

Torikatu/Torggatan 48


Ismo Kallio: songs and texts
Mari Kätkä: accordion och song

Highlights from Ismo Kallios career in texts, story-recitals and song – like Prospero in Shakespeare’s ”The Tempest,” the people’s ”Manu,” and Mister Higgins in My Fair Lady and many more. The musical evening’s artist is Ismo Kallio, who is accompanied by Mari Kätkä on the accordion and in song.

Admission 20 €

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