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Kokkolan Talviharmonikka-festivaalille EFFE-laatuleima

Aivan huikea Kokkolan Talviharmonikka

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Kallentorin markkinat la 16.2

Ystävänpäiväilta Kruununvuodintalolla 14.2.2019

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Bussresa från södra Österbotten

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Photo exhibition: Kokkola Winter Accordion 20 years

Anne Yrjänä has been capturing the festival on film since 2009. From her archive of roughly 24,000 photos, she has selected her favorites to be featured in a virtual photo exhibit.

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Photos from 2018

Sun 17.2 Annual Accordion ski and dance

Rastimaja 12-3 p.m.
Ahvenpolku/Abborstigen 8

Dancing and skiing are better to the smooth tones of the accordion. The flames of Rastimaja’s open fire will create an inviting atmosphere at Winter Accordion’s beloved closing event. Event presented by Kokkolan Harmonikkaklubi.

Ski waxing and maintenance available.

Warm juice serving

Free admission

Sat 16.2 Kallentori sings, dances and plays

Kallentori 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Pitkänsillankatu 15










Concertphotos from Friday and Saturday 2019 

This much-loved public gathering offers a wide-ranging selection of Finnish favorites, and will feature Torikööri, the Kokkolanseudun Accordion Family, Duo Janne & Pekka and the accordion trio Aurore from Jyväskylä. Expect a song- and music-filled gathering where dancing is more than welcome. Master of Ceremonies Seppo Lankinen will share anecdotes and of course play a song or two.

Welcome all!

Free admission

Sat 16.2 Rosso Winter Karaoke

Rosso’s Corner 3-9 p.m.
Isokatu 4 

 Business and culture day. Lively singers of every age are warmly welcomed to sing their favorite Karaoke songs.

Musical performances


Sat 16.2 Sauna Time

Rosso Corner 6-9 p.m.
Isokatu 4

 Sauna, music, karaoke and fresh water in the hot tub – yes, this is the scene at this downtown Kokkola event, where we warmly welcome you to enjoy a sauna. Guests are welcome to enjoy two wooden saunas and a basin, all at Rosso’s corner. Separate tent dressing rooms will be available for both men and women. As dusk falls over Kokkola, the city lights will start to shine and the sauna’s roar will be heard on the city streets. Come and join us!

Teemu Haapaniemi and Seppo Lankinen sing and play and make sure that the sauna is warm.

Free admission

Sat 16.2 Accordion Exhibition

Snellman Hall lobby 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Vingenkatu 18

Sales exhibit of Lasse Pihlajamaas accordions.

Free admission

Sat 16.2 Grand Entertainment Concert


Snellman Hall 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Vingenkatu 18








Guardia Nueva
Soloists Mika Pohjonen and Jennie Storbacka.
Conductor and host Raimo Vertainen

This year’s performance features the acclaimed tenor and tango king Mika Pohjonen, as well as Jennie Storbacka, who audiences will know from the Voice of Finland. Mika Pohjonen’s captivating voice is well-known to Guardia Nueva – and its audiences have hoped to hear more. Now, their wish is finally granted. The concert will be a Guardia Nueva debut for Jennie, who has family roots in Pedersöre. She presently features in Vasa City Theatre’s performance of Stormskärs Maja.

Guardia Nueva’s Grand Entertainment Concert features Finnish as well as international music, and includes tangos, film music and musical hits. This is a musical experience served with all the spices!

Tickets 30 €
With S-Card 27 €

Buy Ticket at 3 p.m.

Buy Ticket at 7 p.m.

Sat 16.2 Milonga & Tango del Norte

Original Sokos Hotel Kaarle, 9 p.m. – 12 a.m.
Kauppatori 4








An evening of Argentinian Tango. Come and experience the heat of tango and get your Latin glow on. Dance or just listen and enjoy the music – it’s all up to you!
The evening will begin with a Tango DJ and then from 22-23 the fine Finnish tango duo Tango del Norte will take the stage.

Tango del Norte
Tango Del Norte are guaranteed to wow audiences with its skillful Argentinian and South American Tango music performances. The acclaimed duo has toured extensively throughout Finland, performed abroad and worked with famous Argentinian vocalists. Years of study and experience has resulted in an authentic Tango experience like that found in a Buenos Aires restaurante. In August 2018, Sami Pirttilahti won the prestigious Che Bendoneon competition in the US.

Sami Pirttilahti bandoneon
Ville Westergård piano

Free admission

Fri 15.2 BayanTonic Childrens concert

Snellman Hall 9 a.m.
Vingenkatu 18

For swedish speaking primary schools in Kokkola

Lars Karlsson                     accordion
Öivind Farmen                   accordion/bajan

The Swedish one-row accordion virtuoso Lars Karlsson was chosen ”Accordionist of the Year” in Sweden and as a soloist won the Nordic Championship. Øivind Farmen from Trondheim is an accordion master who performs Norwegian folk music as well as music from the present era. He is considered one of Norway’s best accordionists.

Bayan Tonic combines lyrics with folk, tango, world music and classical styles. This duo has toured the world, performing in, among others, the USA, Austria, England and Iceland, and has earned acclaim with its unique mix of two different accordions, which together produce a rarely experienced sound.

In 2011 the duo performed for a live DVD and in 2014 released a single.

Sold out

Fri. 15.2 Tones for Seniors

10 a.m. Kokkola, Kuusikummun palvelutalo, Kuusitie 20
12 p.m. Kokkola, Tervakartano, Tehtaankatu 27
1.15 p.m. Kokkola, Honkaharjun palvelutalo, Sairaalankatu 2 C
2.45 p.m. Kruunupyy, Sandbacka vårdcenter, Såkavägen 25








Seppo Lankinen plays and sings at senior living facilities. Expect waltzes, tangos, schlager and other favorites, as well as a few anecdotes. Mr. Lankinen is currently the Drake Arts Center’s resident artist.

Free admission

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