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Kokkola in Wintertime

Su 14.2.2016 kl. 17.00 Mannerheim Square









In wintertime life was once a simple and still affair. Houses were lined with snow drifts. The streets were brightened with snow. Lanterns flickered on porches.

Kokkola tourist guides will share stories and legends about life in old-time Neristan. Skipper’s glögg and Hilja’s gingerbread will be served.


Free admission.

The XVII Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival was an overwhelming success

(Press release 23.2.2015)
The XVIII Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival’s eight event-packed days ended with Sunday’s Accordion and Ski event. During the week the festival presented 35 events, half of which were admission-free. This year’s festival welcomed 4,500 festival-goers – an increase of 100 from last year.
A diverse and delightful weekend
Raimo Vertainen sees many festival highlights when he looks back on the bustling week, which hit the ground running on Sunday with Indoor Accordion Orienteering. An enjoyable coffee concert followed in the afternoon, and the early evening kicked-off with a wintry walk around the historic district of Neristan. The high point of the day was without question the soviet ESSe Quintet’s skillful performance.
On Monday, the evening program included a regular festival favorite, Young Virtuosos Let Loose, and on Tuesday there were kids’ concerts, sled-rides and then an extreme culture shock curtesy of Roman Schatz. In the evening, Raimo Vertainen fulfilled a long-held dream in the conservatory concert hall.
“The idea to present Wagner’s music in accordion has been simmering away for more than 10 years. On Tuesday, my dream finally became a reality – and in such an extraordinary way! Baritone Esa Ruuttunen gave his all, Janne Valkeajoki astoundingly replaced a whole accordion concert with a single instrument and the whole thing was skillfully narrated by Roman Schatz, who told of Wagner’s life and his legendary operas. The whole thing was an extraordinary success!”
On Wednesday a packed conservatory hall witnessed Jorma Uotinen and Trio Avec deliver a passion-filled Parisian-themed performance.

And then on Thursday, Winter Accordion celebrated its collaboration with neighboring Pietarsaari for the second year running. The day away included lunch music at Campus Allegro, the young Finnish accordion orchestra’s concert in Snellman Hall and M.A. Numminen & Pedro Hietanen at O’Leary’s jazzclub.“The cultural collaboration between the neighboring cities worked spectacularly well. Snellman Hall is already booked for next year,” said Vertainen.

On Friday the Middle Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchetra presented an outstanding concert featuring Anna-Maria Helsing as conductor and Niko Kumpuvaara on accordion that was broadcast on YLE Radio 1. That evening, the cultural event Strada demonstrated just how diverse and eclectic accordion-playing in Kokkola can be.

On Saturday afternoon, audiences enjoyed a beloved festival tradition: music at the Kallentori marketplace. Due to the popularity of previous years’ events, the music went on for an hour longer than usual. The week was crowned by Guardia Nueva’s two concerts with the outstanding tango king Teemu Roivainen and Yxpila’s young Satamakadun Seireenit-ladies as soloists. In the evening the entertainment continued to the beat of La Riipa Group at the Night Club Calle. Finally, on Sunday relaxation was the order of the day, with the ski trip to Rastimaja, where all were entertained by Jari Saarenpää.

Thanks to all and see you next year!
“The festival went outstandingly well, even if at times I didn’t know what day it was! And it was just as easy to get lost in the enjoyment of the events. I am truly satisfied with Kokkola Winter Accordion yet again and wish to extend a huge thanks to the public, performers, followers and friends. Now it’s time for a well-earned rest – but first, be sure to mark your calendars for next year, when the XVIII Kokkola Winter Accordion will take place 14-21.2.2016.

Lehdistötiedote; päätösviikonloppu

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Pariisin taivaan alla

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Talviharmonikka ravistelee Wagneria, tiedote 16.2.

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Kokkolan XVII Talviharmonikka räväkästi käyntiin

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Tue 17.2 In the Master’s Company


An Evening with the Music of Richard Wagner

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory 19.00

Pitkänsillankatu 16
Concert pictures

Esa Ruuttunen baritone

Janne Valkeajoki accordion

Roman Schatz text










For the first time in the music world, the German master composer’s music will be performed with accordion and baritone. World-class baritone and young musician Esa Ruuttunen will fill the hall with a captivating musical performance. Starring Finland’s ”official German,” the author Roman Schatz.

Ruuttunen is one of the best Finnish baritones and has performed at many of the world’s most prestigious venues, including the Finnish National Opera, Savonlinna, Bavaria, London, Vienna and Berlin. In this concert Ruuttunen will treat audiences to Wagner’s most famous arias, including The Flying Dutchman, Tannhäuser, Lohengrin and others. The performance also will feature Franz Liszt arrangements for solo accordion, among them “Senta’s Ballad” and “Elsa’s Dream.” Richard Wagner’s dramatic and strong-yet-delicate tonal language will emerge in full strength in a performance that will also include the music of Bach.

The author Roman Schatz also will present a talk on Wagner’s life, music and incredibly tangled human relationships.

Tickets 15 €/10 €.

KP-Card -4 €

Etukortti 2015

Press release, Kokkola Winter Accordion

XVII Kokkola Winter Accordion 15-22.2.2015

The 17th Kokkola Winter Accordion promises an entertaining and diverse lineup of acclaimed accordion artists in a mid-winter festival that is sure to please.

The festival week starts on a sporty note on Sunday, February 15 with Accordion Orienteering at West Park school. Orienteers from around the country will complete various courses to the sound of the accordion. Sunday’s coffee concert will welcome the beloved songsters Kokkolan Tiernapojat, who will join forces with the K30 Orchestra while Aku-Petteri Pahkamäki hosts the afternoon coffee hour. The coffee concert is a part of Middle Ostrobothnia anniversary celebration.

In the evening, city tour guides will give the curious a chance to experience the Kokkola of days past with a tour of the city’s historic quarter, Neristan, while the city conservatory welcomes the ESSe Quintet from St. Petersburg in all its Russian splendor. With events like these, the festival is sure to get off to a great start.

Free concerts, Wagner, lectures …
At this kick-off event, Raimo Vertainen, Winter Accordion artistic director, will proudly present a program of festival highlights, which will include event announcements and news, as well as a few surprises.

As at previous festivals, more than half of the events are free. And there’s something for everyone: children’s concerts and musical moments will take place in and around the city, and winter Accordion even offers concerts at seven nursing homes in Kokkola as well as Kronoby. I am especially proud of our collaboration with Jakobstad and the Swedish-speaking accordion community, says Vertainen, who continues:

Together with the master – an evening with Richard Wagner’s music at the conservatory on Tuesday evening promises to be an outstanding, world-class event. For the first time in Kokkola, Wagner’s music will be performed to accordion music and a baritone. As an added touch, the music will include a narrative accompaniment on the composer’s life. Also on Wednesday evening, the conservatory will present ”Under a Parisan Sky,” featuring Jari Hakkarainen, Petri Ikkelä and Helena Plathan.

Roman Schatz also can be seen and heard earlier on Tuesday in the Karleby Institute’s ballroom, giving lectures on Finnish culture shock. Friday brings FD Marko Tikka’s history book on the Finnish accordion at the city library’s Hongell Hall. Tikka’s work is the first comprehensive look at the accordion’s history in Finland.

Jakobstad, YLE, Virta and the Tango King

There is power in numbers – carrying on in Jakobstad, a crowd of eager accordion students will, among other things, let loose on the accordion in our neighboring town. The students will hit the lunchtime rush on the Campus Allegro, while the evening concert at Schaumans Hall will consist of the Soulful Tones and M.A. Numminen; and Pedro Hietanen will take the stage for Thursday’s Jazz evening at O’Leary’s pub. Friday’s collaboration will feature the Central Ostrobothnia Chamber Orchestra. At X Three – the conductor and chaplain will be Anna-Maria Helsing; the soloist is Niko Kumpuvaraara on accordion. YLE Radio 1 will broadcast the concert starting at 19.00 in Kokkola, says a pleased Virtainen.

At the Winter Accordion’s close, audiences will yet again enjoy the Guardia Nueva’s Grand Performance Concert. This year’s performance will celebrate Olavi Virta, as February 2015 will mark 100 years since Virta’s birth, and his most beloved pieces will be performed. As a special treat, Ticotico will premier a special re-arrangement. Guardia Nueva’s soloists will be Satamakadun Seireenit in Harmony Sisters – and also for the first time the ruling Tango King Teemu Roivainen.
The whole week’s program can be found at:, for additional information, contact Raimo Vertainen at 0505118387

Sun 22.2 Accordion Sledding

Rastimaja 11.00-13.00


It’s fine and well for the skier to ski … when the smooth tones add glide to the ride. The music and juice will warm you up in Rastimaja as you sit around an open fire.
Free Admission

Sat 21.2. Grand Performance Concert

Guardia Nueva

Snellman Hall 15.00 and 19.00

Concert photos

Under the direction of Raimo Vertainen

soloists Teemu Roivainen, Satamakadun Seireenit and Oona Airola


IMG_0379 NQ9cmtRqpGTze1F2tqW6i8lksWRiRvqgwlKBqNjVAYs



February 2015 will mark 100 years since the birth of Olavi Virta. We celebrate this milestone by honoring his significant contribution to the accordion world in a concert. The fresh tango king Teemu Roivainen will present Virta’s tango classics through the years. And prepare to meet the famous Malando-tango world Tico-tico in an affair a la guardia.

The evening’s crowing experience will be a performance of pops and tango orchestra Guardia Nueva, whose concerts are filled with thunder and passion – it has to be experienced to be believed. Conductor and MC is Raimo Vertainen.

Come and listen!

Tickets 28 € / S-Card Members 25 €S-EtuVisacmykKPO





Show&Dinner  52 €  17-19 in the concert restaurant. Book not later than 16th of Feb. 2015  Lipputoimisto or Phone 06-8229800

Talviharmonikka buffet (in Finnish)






Sat 21.2 Kallentori singing, dancing and playing

Kallentori 10.00-13.00


Come experience the Market Choir and Kokkola Regional, Vasa Arbis and Kokkola accordion clubs. The public is warmly invited and encouraged to sing – and even dance. As Master of Ceremony, Seppo Soittila will host the evening and perhaps even sing a little.

Free admission






Kokkolanseudun harmonikkakerho

Sat 21.2 Accordion Exhibit

Snellman Hall 10.00-15.00
Vingenkatu 18

Free Admission

Sat 21.2 Rosso Winter Karaoke

Rosso 16.00-19.00th12_la2

Commerce and Culture Day.

Singing enthusiasts of all ages are invited to heat up the karaoke stage with their favorite tunes while the temperatures outdoors drop.

Free admission

Sat 21.2 La Riippa Group

Calle Night Club 23.00


The Ostrobothnian La Riipa Group s a blend of jazz-blues-tango-folk-rock-based music and song. The dramatically diverse lineup has been set to music by the group’s soloist and is a testament to the group’s passion for music. (To add some flavor, some tunes will be sung in Nedervetil dialect.)

Song Jessica Riippa

Violin Johanna Lönngren

Piano Jonathan Streng 

Accordion Julia Hansson

Drums Valter Söderbacka

Bass Oskar Sandin

Tickets 8 €, S-Card Members 6 €S-EtuVisacmykKPO




  La Riippa Group: Photography Sarah Ek

Fri 20.2 The First Time X 3

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory 19.00
Pitkänsillankatu 16

Central Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Anna-Maria Helsing
Soloist Niko Kumpuvaara, accordion








The Central Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra’s intense performances have captivated both musicians and the public time and time again. The night’s performance will feature the multi-talented and acclaimed solist Niko Kumpuvaara.

Also making a debut with the orchestra is conductor Anna-Maria Helsing. As if the two premiers weren’t enough, Kimmo Lintinen will present a debut concert – hence the title The First Time x 3.

Featured music includes Hindemith, Villa-Lobos, Lintinen, Skalkottas, Honegger –

Tickets 23 €/ 18 €/ 10 €

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