XVII Kokkola Winter Accordion

February 2015 marks the Kokkola Winter Accordion’s 17th season. This year’s diverse and ever-changing festival lineup is guaranteed to serve as a much-needed winter pick-me-up in the dead of winter.

One week, one very special instrument
As always, the wintry festival week’s program is full of surprises, diversity and intrigue. The first day, Sunday, February 12, will kick-off at a brisk pace. Come and enjoy indoor orienteering to music; a coffee concert; Ostrobothnian music and a Slavic group direct from St. Petersburg.

This year’s lineup will feature both the old and the new. In any case, accordion music will be heard everywhere – in the villages, markets and street-corners. At the conservatory, we’ll hear Wagner’s compositions arranged for accordion. Then there’s Young Virtuosos, concerts for children and seniors, music at the market, accordion orchestras and even opera singers! In other words, something for everyone. And for the second year in a row, we have worked in cooperation with our beloved neighboring city of Pietarsaari to present a spectacular festival Thursday.

The eventful week will be crowned the traditional way – but with a whole new twist in the form of Guardia Nueva’s Grand Entertainment Concert on Saturday, February 21. Soloists include Tango King Teemu Roivainen, Satamakadun Seiroeenit and Oona Airola

Come and enjoy the festival!